What Color is Passion?

When you call my name,
your voice is rich and green with possibilities of what is to come.
Your voice speaks life into my being
generating and nurturing the bond we share.
When you touch me,
I feel the calming blue of the ocean
satisfying my need to be near you.
When you kiss me,
I feel your heat.
The orange-red flames from your energy
lick my soul igniting a roaring fire inside of me.
When you make love to me,
your rhythm is genuine and steady and pure
like the billowy, white snowflakes falling steadily
blanketing the earth.
When you are lying next to me,
and the sun shines through my window in the morning,
The sun wraps its yellow robe around me
warming my body because your passion was so strong
I could feel my nakedness.
Your passion colors my universe
painting a perfect picture of our love.


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