Life is a cycle of ups and downs, pomp and circumstance, life and death, happiness and sadness, love and hate. These are the extremes, and there is always a lot of something in between. However, life is balanced by rhythms composed by God, time kept by our actions, thrown off-beat when we stop concentrating on the rhythmic meter – when we lose sight of our vision.

The words in this blog illustrate the rhythms of life, the soul. Rhythms in growth. Rhythms in love. Rhythms in living and dying. Life’s experiences write the stanzas to my song and wrote the songs of those people in my past and present.

My song changes because the rhythm, the rhyme, the cadence change each day. And they will continue to change as I become more comfortable with my groove.

Each day holds my cadence, my rhythm, my rhyme, my song. Every new day affords the time for me to sing and step to my own rhythm. And it begins here by sharing my thoughts with the public.

Thanks be to God for conceiving my rhythm and my song; to my mother Dorothy L. Banks who gave birth to my song, and her spirit continues to hum its melody; to my father Henry D. Banks who gave order to my cadence; to my husband Lambert W. Greene, Jr. who accompanies my rhythm jazzing it up with his flava; and to my ancestors who set the tempo for my future.

To Omar – Always follow the rhythm in your soul.

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